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The Hosanna Project is a religious based 501(c) 3 organization created to provide basic needs to children and families in Ethiopia while also spreading the word of God. 

Mission Statement: Filling the hearts and bodies of people in Christ.

Vision Statement: The vision of The Hosanna Project is to provide services that offer basic essential and spiritual needs for Ethiopian children and families through sponsorship programs. 

The PURPOSE of THP is to spread the kingdom of Christ and is founded on the following core values to guide the way we work and the relationships we build. ​

Integrity: Making all decisions based on moral/ethical beliefs

Honesty: To always be truthful in all aspects of our work

Transparency: Ability to be seen through in all parts of our work

Spirituality: To spread God’s kingdom

Humanity: All people are built in God’s image



One Community at A Time: Unlike some organizations, all of our efforts are focused in creating better communities, one community at a time. 

It's Personal: The primary way we feel compelled to serve or help others is by building relationships with those we want to help. As a sponsor, you will receive frequent updates on your child or family to see what your support has been able to do in their lives.

Faith Based: This organization is run by an all Christian based board. All of our decisions will be faith led and in the best interest of serving God's people.

Where We Work: All of our efforts are placed in working in one primary city Hosanna, Ethiopia. 


THP offices work out of Charlotte, North Carolina and our Ethiopian Staff works at the Community Center in Hosanna, Ethiopia.

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