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Zekariyas A. 

Zekariyas mother, Bereket, was born and raised in the town of Hosanna, where she now lives. She Had the opportunity to go to school and attended school until 6th grade but dropped out due to unintended pregnancy. She later married and had 3 children. Bereket and her husband, Adenew, could not get a better-paying job because they could not continue in their education. Bereket is currently working as a potter, and her husband is doing all the labour work he can to support his family. Still, Bereket finds it difficult to teach and support her children well.


Zekariyas is the third child in his family. He is 7 years old and in 1st grade at Hakmura elementary school in Hosanna. His favorite subject is Math and he wants to be a Doctor when he grows up.

Zekariyas Adenew.jpg
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