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Your donation of $40 a month can help provide these children with the following:

Complete child sponsorship includes: Food, clothes, school uniform, medication,  some school supplies, tutoring, computer training, trauma counseling, personal and grooming supplies.

For an additional $15 a month you can also sponsor the child's family as well: 

Complete Child & Family Sponsorship includes: Full child sponsorship plus family food rations, basic medical needs, family personal needs, and given priority to begin our Family Business Program, where parents are enabled to start their own small businesses.


Which one of these children will be lucky enough to have you as a sponsor? 

Milkyas Kechene.JPG


Milkyas’ aunt, Etenesh, raises him. His aunt brought him from the countryside to give him an opportunity to go to school. However, as a single mother, she is now struggling to send her children to school and fulfilling their need. At the time, Etenesh supports her family by doig all the labor work she can and lives in a rented house.


Milkyas is the third child in his family. He is 8 years old and in 1st grade at Bobicho Elementary School in Hosanna. His favorite subject is Science and he wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

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