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Seven years ago the founder, Mandy Browning, was forever changed by being part of a mission trip to Ethiopia. The mission was to help bring the word of God to children in a remote part of the country through the sport of soccer. The nine day trip allowed her to truly see what real devotion and happiness looked like.

    While the people there may not have many things, they had something that our society is missing, TRUE FAITH and HAPPINESS. Children were grateful for whatever they were able to get and no matter where you looked they had smiles on their face. There was a sense of real gratefulness that shined through the children at the camp, even when they were playing soccer with one shoe and the other was bare you could hear the chuckles of the boys as they ran through the fields. 

    Since this trip, it has left a lasting impression on Mandy's heart. While she has pursued her degree in education and even her masters and doctorate, Ethiopia has been the true vision of love and compassion she holds onto. In the Spring of 2017, she felt the pulling of God again telling her that this was the time to begin her nonprofit. While she wasn't sure what that organization looked like at the time, she began preparing. 

   The opportunity arose in which a community center in Hosanna needed some help to sponsor children and the community by providing food and essentials, and she knew this was her calling. With help from another Ethiopian friend who continued to push and encourage her, she finally took the leap of faith. 

   Her hope is to never let those smiles fade and to provide the children and families of the Hosanna community an opportunity to be successful, but also share with them the love that God has for them. 

   It is with great FAITH and COURAGE that THP follows God's will and see his will be done in this amazing community. 

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