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The Hosanna Project works to create opportunities for families in extreme poverty to become self-sufficient. Our job is to provide basic needs for families in Hosanna, Ethiopia by way of nutrition, education, and business creation so the cycle of poverty can be eliminated through providing them the opportunities not afforded to most in that region. We provide education and training for our children and families so they can create businesses to better support themselves and their families.



Nutrition is a key factor in our students success. The Hosanna Project supplies all sponsored children with one nutritious meal a day. Research shows that children who attend school on a full stomach will achieve higher academic success. 

Children's families who are sponsored are also provided monthly food rations to continue to nurture their household. 



At The Hosanna Project we believe that education is one of the best ways to end the cycle of poverty. After the basic need for nutrition is met we focus on providing the educational opportunities for our children to learn skills in which they can utilize later in life. Primary education is provided for free by the government, but if children want to further their education they have to pay to go to secondary school or university. In Hosanna many children do not extend their education beyond primary school so they lack the skills needed to obtain a good job.



While we are working to educate the younger generations we are also working to provide skills to the families of our children. We allow them to attend training programs on cultivating their resources and interests to create a business and learn how to generate income and save. 

THP is working towards providing micro-loans to these families for start up costs of their businesses. This will in turn provide a stable income for our children and families to decrease the effects of poverty. 

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