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Back-2-School 2019

Summer has almost come to an end, and the new school year is right around the corner. As many children around the world get ready for classes, there are still many more who are not provided either the ability to attend school or the supplies needed to be successful.

At The Hosanna Project, we believe that education is one of the major key factors that can help end cyclical poverty. The problem is that many of our children don’t have that opportunity. Our families are more concerned about issues of food and housing, so much so, that education takes a backseat. While many of our community believe in education it is just not feasible for them to be able to justify the spending of money of it when there are more pressing concerns.

The Hosanna Project provides children sponsorships which pay for the school registration fees that many families can’t afford. This is a step in the right direction, but they still need the supplies, school uniforms, new shoes, and book-bags. We work hard to provide all of 63 of our children these things before school begins and are asking for your help.

For $75 one child can be provided a book bag, school uniforms, basic supplies, and new shoes.

Can you help make the difference for one child so they can start the school off on the right foot?

You can donate a gift through our website

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