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Updates-July 2020

The Hosanna Project Newsletter

Covid Update

Providing what we can to support our community.

THP is working tirelessly to provide additional support for our community as they deal with the effects of Covid in Ethiopia. Currently, there are approximately 5,846 cases in the country with 103 deaths. While many of them are in the main capital of Addis Ababa, there are starting to have more pop-up cases in the more rural areas.

There are many more obstacles our community faces than those of developed countries, such as the US. Here are a few that have caused our Hosanna community to suffer more than most:

The Ethiopian government does not provide an unemployment program for those in the country that lose their jobs. Many of our families make their living off of selling pottery, crops from their small farms, or other small business. Since the government has imposed stay at home orders many of our families have suffered to make ends meet to feed their families.

Unlike many other countries, Ethiopia lacks the appropriate communication to inform the entire country, especially those who live in rural areas, the ability to be educated about the virus. Most of our families in Hosanna don’t have access to electricity so they don’t have access to the news and how to protect themselves. Luckily, we have amazing staff at THP that have held community meetings that inform our community of the importance of protecting themselves with masks, social distancing, and handwashing.

Due to the lack of electricity, our children are also not receiving any additional education at home while schools are closed. There is no way to provide these services with no electricity or computers to help them. While they normally would receive the after school tutoring with us, this has come to a halt due to social distancing rules and the closing of our facility until Covid is contained.

The lack of clean water also remains a concern for our community since this is one of the preventative measures to contracting the virus. Our community center has access to clean water, but many of our outside areas in the community lack this resource so it makes it difficult for our children and families to properly wash.

Up to this point, THP has provided emergency food rations to all 63 families with the help of their partners and donors like you. Twice a month families come to our community center to receive their food and hygiene supplies to help them make it until they are able to go back to work. We want to thank you for being the helping hand to our community and up to this point we have been able to provide an additional $2,500 to help with emergency rations.




We are so excited to say that we have a total of 22 children sponsored through THP and only have 2 on our waiting list right now.

Do you know anyone who would be willing to sponsor one of our amazing children? If so, please direct them to our website for more details.

The children we have left to sponsor are:

Top right: Aleminesh is 12 years old and in third grade. She likes eating pasta, playing football and her favorite subject in school is Amharic. She has poor performance in school but she wants to become a Doctor. She is in good health at Bobicho. Both her parents are alive and they are Potters.

Bottom right: Tesfanesh is 10 years old and is in third grade at Bobicho School. Her favorite subject in school is mathematics and she likes eating enjera and watching athletics. Although her educational performance is poor, she wants to become a teacher. Her parents are day laborers and they have a son and two other daughters besides Tesfanesh.

Save the Date!

We were looking forward to hosting our 2nd annual Pints for A Purpose this year, but with the new “normal”, this will not be able to happen. Instead we will be hosting a couple virtual fundraising events we think you might enjoy.

The one that we want you to mark your calendars for is September 5th, 2020. We are hosting our first virtual race called #Hustle4Hosanna. You don’t have to be a runner or even run for that matter. We will be emailing more information about our event as we get closer, but look for information to come out in the next few few weeks.


The Hosanna Project

205 River Birch Circle Mooresville, NC 28115

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