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You're Never Too Young to Make a Difference!

Meet Sam Jones, she has been helping her mom bake since she was 4 or 5 years old. Her specialty has become her homemade pound cakes.

Another one of Sam's passions is competitive dance. As many of us know, this hobby is not exactly the cheapest to sponsor. The dance fees could run up to $400 a competition and costumes could be about $300 a piece. With this in mind, her mother, Alicia, helped Sam come up with an idea to use her love for baking to help her fund her dance competitions. Since Sam had had previously baked pound cake for her own birthday party she decided that was the way to go. Her primary reason for baking was to provide the funds to cover the fees associated with dance.

People were so impressed with Sam's pound cakes that the orders kept coming. There were so many orders, her mother begin helping her to keep up.

During this time, her mother, Alicia, saw a post on The Hosanna Project's webpage about Seble, an eight-year-old who lives with her parents, 2 brothers and a sister. Seble needed of a new sponsor through The Hosanna Project. Seble's story is that despite daily searches, her father cannot find steady employment. Her mother bakes bread and sells it to their neighbors as this family’s only source of income. Her mother makes very little with this business, and their large family often goes hungry, sometimes not eating for an entire day. When Alicia saw Seble's story she showed Sam and there was an instant connection. They talked about using some of the money from Sam's baking to sponsor Seble, and the both decided it was the right thing to do.


Since then, Sam and Seble have been in constant contact through email and Alicia even plans to visit Seble this summer. Through Sam's sponsorship Seble can receive a daily meal, after school tutoring, basic medical treatment, and pay for her school fees. After Sam started sponsoring Seble her cakes started to pick up even more, doubling the orders from before. So much so, that her mother decided that they were going to make this a business. This month, Sam has started Sam's Southern Pound Cakes, her own business. Sam and her mother hope that baking can help them sponsor even more children in Ethiopia and make a difference. Thus far, they have also sponsored two additional children along with Seble and look forward to what God is going to do through this business.

Sam is The Hosanna Projects youngest sponsor and is making a difference not just in her community, but also across the world. You too can make a difference and sponsor a child through The Hosanna Project by visiting our website. The local paper wrote an article about Sam and her generosity, read it.

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