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Your Safe Haven!

Is there a place you go, or a hobby you have, that gets you away from the hustle and bustle of the real world?

For me it is reading or traveling to visit our center in Ethiopia. For others it can be vacationing, running, clubs/organizations, or just a simple night out with friends. For some people, these are a necessity for them in order to deal with what is going on around them. Our children in Hosanna have a safe haven as well, the community center.

Every day they wake up and can count on the fact that there is a community center to walk to, someone will be there to help provide them a nutritious meal, tutor them after school, see friends to play with, and a place to let the outside world be a second thought. To most, this is their place to be feel safe and loved. While the real safe haven for them is the people who work tirelessly to provide them with these possibilities, the fact of the matter is that you can't have this special environment with amazing staff for our children without the actual building itself.

Every year we have to pay rent for this building that our children identify as their safe haven. Thus far we have raised the majority of the funds, but are still in need of about $1,500 to secure the community center for this coming year. Help us keep this building thriving and providing amazing support for our children and families. You can donate by clicking the donate button below or on the main website page

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